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Pic of the Day
Are you an Orgasmaniac?
Come and see our girls cumming!
Genuine orgasms - women really cumming
Real orgasm pics and movies, 100% original
Vaginal contractions and female ejaculation

Genuine ORGASMS. See girls really cumming!

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"Your First Sex Toy..."
Humorous and embarrassing true stories from our readers, about their first sex toy.

"I was 13 years old when I had my first "sex toy" experience. I lived with my older sister in her two-bedroom apartment. She was always very discreet when she brought her boyfriends home, and never did anything with them when she knew I was there. But one night, after I'd told her I was going to a friend's house, I came home early. I entered the apartment and heard strange noises coming from her room- so I went to investigate. I was shocked to see her naked, legs spread on her bed, with her naked boyfriend pushing something up inside of her. And she was definitely enjoying it. I knew it wasn't right, but I quietly stayed to watch, excited as I was. Eventually they finished, but not before I'd had an eyeful. I watched carefully when her boyfriend slid the dildo they had used between her mattresses. Then I snuck back out and went back to my friend's house. 

The next night my sister was out with her boyfriend. I went into her room and got the dildo, careful to remember where to put it back. I stripped and slowly slipped it inside of me. I was amazed at the feeling, and I hadn't even turned it on! As soon as I did turn it on, I was blown away. I had my first orgasm right there on my sister's bed, using her dildo. And I've loved sex toys ever since. "

Garnerville, NV

"I was 33yrs. old, and my lover introduced me 5 inch plastic vibrator, she used it to arouse my clit. When she put it on slow it gave me a chill which ran through my body of sexual pleasures. I came really hard ,and I slept like a baby. My pussy was still throbbing even after I woke up."

Wailuku, Hawaii

"Well, I guess I started playing with myself at age 16. I found out that water directly applied to my clit was VERY exciting. This happened when I was cleaning the pool one afternoon. Somehow or another (I really don't remember all the details now, just that I loved the feeling) the water hose became tangled up in my legs and the end was pointing at my clit. The initial sensation was something I hadn't felt before. So later that evening I was taking a shower and decided to try the water again and really see how it felt. I place a wash cloth around the shower head and turned the water a bit warmer and laid down in the shower stall. I propped my feet up on the wall and spread my legs so the water could cascade down from the wash cloth to hit my clit. I LOVED IT!! didn't take long for me to climax more than one time. Ever since then I have been hooked. Unfortunately I no longer have a pool or a reason to use the water hose outside, so I like to take a lot of showers, by myself and with my boyfriend. He loves to use the massaging shower head. Makes for GREAT foreplay!"

Ocala, FL

"My first experience with a sex toy was at the age of 17. It was actually an Remington wet/dry razor. I was shaving my legs and after feeling the vibration decided to use it as a vibrator. Now that I have a vibrator I know that it did not feel as good but it did the job. After that day I did it every chance I got. I even inserted it and left it there until I came."

Virginia Beach, VA

"I was around 10 years old. I was watching Elvis on the television, and felt my privates thumping, and hot. I really didn't know what was happening to me and why I had this awesome but frustrating feeling. I went to my bedroom and felt myself, but that did not seem to satisfy me, so I grabbed my hairbrush and inserted the handle of it inside me. It felt so good."

Lynn K.
Raleigh, NC

"After reading a story on how other woman masturbate, I was very excited and one story took my liking so I decided to try it and see if it felt as good for me. I was doing a load of washing at the time, the spin cycle was about to happen so I sat on the washing machine while it was spinning and had a hose connected to the warm water tap I had the water running over my clit while the spinner was going it sent electric chills all over my body, it was the best thing I had felt before and I have enjoyed it many times since. It makes me cum like nothing else can. I was about 28 at the time."

Kerrin B.

"A week before my 21st birthday, my boyfriend bought me a vibrator for him to use on me. We used it a few times then a month later we broke up. I was at the store one day and saw this really hot guy and couldn't quit thinking about him so I went home and laid down and remembered that I had the vibrator so I took it out and played with it. I didn't know it was possible to have such a big orgasm I've bought 2 more toys since and I wouldn't trade 'em."

Whitney, TX

"I was 15 and it's not like my parents where out of town or anything. In fact they where in the house but they were sleeping. And My 17 year old boyfriend came over. It started off, as most of my situations did, with us just making out. Out of no where he picks me up, carries me to the washroom, places me on the washer, and turns it on. Just by the fact that he made this move out of nowhere got me real turned on. So here we are on the washing machine and right when the machine was about to go on rinsing, he flips me over and started going doggy style. It was incredible. Because while he was pumping in and out of me, my clit was being vibrated by the wonders of the washing machine. That night I cam so hard he couldn't believe it. Wow, it gets me wet just by thinking about the vibrations rubbing against my pussy."

Lake Charles, Louisiana

"My first experience with a sex toy was with a silver bullet. I had went to a fun party and wasn't sure what to get. I truly love sex. The lady insisted that I get a single bullet. I did and I couldn't wait to try it out. I got home and was totally ready after imagining all the way home how fun this little thing could be. I was wet and ready when we started to the bedroom. My boyfriend gave me an orgasm with it in about 10 seconds. It was unbelievable. He was shocked! It usually took me forever. We then decided to put it inside me and he would follow it in. It was the most intense sex I have ever had. We both orgasmed together very quickly. He also enjoyed the vibrations. It was so amazing after he fell asleep, I played some more. By morning the batteries were dead. I used it so much that after a couple months it actually broke. The wires came loose. I was desperate for it one day and actually taped it up. It worked for about another month before it broke for good. It was the first "toy" I have ever had. Well it's the only one I had ever had. I hope to get another one soon. It would be wonderful to try other "toys". Prior to this I also had experiences with a curling iron and a candlestick which were very erotic."

Jackson, Louisiana

"I was 14 and my boyfriend of three years left me for a man. Frustrated and hurt I used my whirlpool bathtub jets to please myself. I moved myself into a position were I was most aroused and turned the jets on high. It felt like hundreds of little tongues caressing my clit all at once. It is a feeling that you would never forget. I think that was the best toy that I could ever find to make me have the biggest Orgasm that I ever had.

If you have a whirlpool bathtub and haven't used it as a sex toy you don't know what you're missing. The force of the water hitting your clit makes you scream out in sheer ecstasy. I use it until a climax several times, get out, relax, and go back for more. I could do this for days on end."

Toronto, Canada

"I was 20 yrs old and never had any kind of unusual sex until one time I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob and he took a banana and started fucking my pussy with it." 

"My first experience with a toy was rather surprising. I was 18 and had just met my husband and started dating. He traveled a lot for work so I decided to buy a vibe. One night I was talking to him on the phone and we decided to have phone sex, so of course I was using my new toy. He didn't know I bought it, I was too embarrassed to tell him I was using it. It felt wonderful, I loved the way the vibrator felt on my clit. I got more and more bold and inserted it. I told him I needed to cum, telling him to fuck me harder. He was so surprised he came just after I started to. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever felt."

Hornell, NY

"The first experience I ever had with a sex toy was not even with a toy. It was with a very large cucumber. It must have been at least 9 inches long, and about 3 inches in diameter. It makes me hot just thinking of the size. Too bad there was no one there to share my most horniest experience. I was home alone at the time, and my partner had to work all night. The events of this night were so unusual for me because, I was afraid, or maybe I just thought it to be dirty. But this night I was watching some real hard-core fucking on TV. and well I needed some stimulation and my hand just wasn't enough. You can say I was a masturbation virgin, because I have never had a vibrator, so the cucumber had to do. I dipped it with some edible lotion, because I didn't know what else to put on it, and well I began to fuck so hard that my pussy was saying "at last someone who knows how". I had heard of women who have orgasms, and cum in bucketfuls and multiorgasms, but it had never happened to me. Well that night I can say that I truly had a waterbed, but it was well worth it, and the cuCUMber lived up to it's name."

Long Beach, CA

"My first experience was with my 3 inch thick curling iron. My boyfriend loves to watch me. I slowly but roughly slide it in, get on my knees and put it on two pillows and ride it like there is no tomorrow. "

Lori E.
Fresno, CA

"My 1st experience was about 3 months ago with a huge carrot. I have never been able to cum during sex. I'm 23 so I thought, I can't take it anymore so I decided to grow up and masturbate. I had my 1st orgasm so now I want anything that can help even better."


"Actually, my favorite sex toy has been my Jacuzzi bath tub. It has worked great especially after the divorce a year and a half ago. I am so sad to be losing it now because I have had to ell my home in the divorce." 

Salem, Oregon

"The first time I used a Crystal Kitty Cat statue from Nemius Marcus. I put a condom on him went to work. He was hard, long and stayed where I put him. He made me meow over, and over again. Once, twice, three time - here come the kitty. I tried the giraffe, but his neck was too skinny. The kitty had a good head."

White Plains, NY

"I was 18 years old when I really discovered sex toys. I didn't know much about sex except the basics, so sex wasn't all that. I had never even had an orgasm before. I snarled my nose at the thought of a vibrator, who would use one of those? One night my boyfriend and I were having sex and the lights were out. He said he had a surprise. I heard him turn it on, and said what the hell? Before I could stop him, I was having multiple orgasms. After that I hosted a fun party and bought myself some toys."

Angela C
Lexington, Kentucky

"My first sex toy was a mix master (without the beaters). I was about 22 and couldn't seem to get the beaters out. Sitting in a chair with the mix master between my legs, I finally got them out when to my surprise I clicked the on button. What a rush! From that day forward my mix master has been used on a daily basis. "
West Bend, WI

"I guess you might say that although very sexually active I was still very sexually immature. My first experience with a sex toy was with my wife. I was about 24 yrs old and my wife asked if I would like to watch her pleasure herself with her vibrator, I had only watched in movies, and the thought actually turned me on. As I watched it became more arousing and I really wanted to take the place of that vibrator. Well, she had other plans, so immediately after she had satisfied herself she turned over on all fours to allow me penetration from the backside. After about 15 minutes she placed the tip of her vibrator at the base of my penis, it was all over from there. I lasted for about thirty seconds of that and immediately had the most incredible orgasm. Since that night we have used the vibrator for countless encounters, but none of them even compare to the first time."

Woodlawn, TN

"My husband and I went to an adult toy store because we were curious. I got really into it and picked out a big soft flesh dildo. (it looked real) We had to get loaded first, but we watched lesbian videos and he used the toy on me. That's about all I enjoy these days."

Stover, Missouri

"My first experience with a sex toy was with my mom's massaging chair pad. I don't know what got me to do it.  I sort of put the edge of the massager between my legs... and ... well... IT FELT GOOD! It was extraordinary.... If mom only knew! Now I enjoy many different toys as an adult. The men can find someone else, I am addicted to my electric lover!"

Everett, WA

"When I was about much younger I was in my bedroom and feeling all of these very strange feelings. I had just started to learn what masturbating really was and up until this point I had never used anything but my owns fingers which I had learned to satisfy myself with very well. All of the sudden it was not enough. I needed something bigger and thicker. I had a round bristle brush laying on my dresser. As I looked at it I realized that it had a very thick, oversized handle on it. As I got hotter and more worked up I eyed the brush handle. I finally decided that enough was enough and I had to feel it inside me. I took it in hand and ever so gently put it inside me. But as I realized that this felt soooooooo good I used it more and more, pumping it inside me like a dildo. That brush gave me a lot of pleasure then and, although I've graduated onto bigger and better things I still have the memories of my brush to keep me company...."

New Windsor, NY

"I was watching a nasty tape that I had found in my mother's closet. I had never had intercourse before and I wanted to know what a penis looked like. I put the tape in. This lady was in a kitchen and the telephone man came to fix her phone so they began to kiss and then she went down on him as she sucked his cock I felt myself becoming wet. Wetter then I had ever felt before so I grabbed this stuffed elf doll that I had and began to perform oral sex on this doll. A few minutes later the woman in the movie began to lay on the kitchen table and masturbate. Then I masturbated for the first time. First I put my finger into my pussy and began to flick my fingers really fast and the more I did this the hornier I became so I then put my 4 fingers into my pussy moving it back and forth. After that I still felt like I had missed something so I grabbed the elf doll again. The nose on elf was shaped like a penis so I spread my pussy lips open wide and sat down on top of elf's nose and began to ride it for about a good ten minutes when all of a sudden this tingly sensation came all over me and I came for the first time and it was so good ."


"I was 12. My hormones were going crazy. I started by touching myself in the shower and then I realized that we had a removable showerhead and it had a jet stream setting. So I turned on the jet and used it to massage my clit. It felt so good I could not wait until I got the real thing. "

Pueblo, CO

"My first experience with a Sex Toy was when I was about 12 or 13. It was with those Scribble Pens that were so popular in the late 80's/early 90's. I got the idea from watching some porn that came on TV late one night. The woman was using a vibrating object to pleasure herself. The next night, after my parents were asleep, I got out my Scribble Pen, turned it on, and began rubbing myself with it. Within minutes I had reached my first orgasm! Needless to say, that Scribble Pen became my favorite writing implement...only I don't think I used it for writing ever again after that."

Tara C.
Tampa, Fl

"I was 18 and I was attending college in New York.. It was a cool evening and me and my female roommate decided to stay home and have a few drinks. After a few drinks, she started to fondle me a little bit. I was shocked at first, but it was extremely orgasmic. She had a bag she had gotten out of her dresser, and it was filled with a cluster of large dildos and ass probes. She shove some anal beads in me and a foot long double dong in also. I have never had a more intense, electrifying orgasm in my life, and today I look for the most satisfying toys I can to try to replay that evening. That was my first experience with a sex toy, but definitely not the last."

Wellsburg, NY

"My first sex toy was a bar of soap. On my 13th birthday getting ready for my party. Standing in my warm shower with soap in hand rubbing oh so gently and thinking about my 1st. girl/boy party and the boy I had a crush on. The more I rubbed the better it felt. The better it felt the deeper my fingers would go. The deeper my finger would go the faster my hand would move till my whole body screamed for release. This was the first of many games I enjoyed with my toy!"


"I was 14 years old when I became very horny one night. My little sister had one of those Jolly jump balls that has a handle on it. I thought I need to ride this somehow that would give me such pleasure. I found this toy I have in my room called clackers. I inserted one in my vagina and the other one I put in between my pussy lips. I mounted this ball and I rolled my little ass around until I had a wonderful orgasm."

Columbus, OH

"I was 16 years old and swimming in our in ground pool when I experienced my first orgasm. And it was with a rather bizarre sex toy. My 18 year old neighbor stopped over for a swim and in the process, taught me a valuable lesson in self gratification. She told me to swim over to the filter and put my arms up on the edge of the pool. She then instructed me to position my vagina directly in front of the water jet (you know-where the water shoots back into the pool from the filter). It did not take long to feel the tingling sensation that the water was causing as it pulsated against my clitoris. Shelly was whispering in my ear as I was fully enjoying my new found toy. I was so lost in the pleasure that I did not notice that Shelly had untied my bikini top. I did notice, however, when she began to caress my breasts and squeeze my erect nipples. Of course I did not mind due to the new sensation that it brought about throughout my entire body. Besides, it was only a few seconds later that I started to shake and moan my way to my first ever orgasm. After I came down from my high, I watched Shelly pleasure herself in our pool and returned the favor of caressing her cantaloupe sized breasts. She took it one step further and had me thrust two of my fingers in her vagina. When she was done, I went to her house where she introduced me to a couple of more toys for us to pleasure each other with. But I guess that's another story."


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