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Are you an Orgasmaniac?
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Genuine orgasms - women really cumming
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Katie's Knots Date: 10/26/2003
Yoga expert Katie shows off her amazing standing frontbends ! Then, she knots herself on a couple of big chairs ... wow ! a 2:45 clip from her own VHS tape. (available in our Shop)

Russian Cutie ! Date: 10/23/2003
This clip is from our Flexflicks Compilation #1. This lovely gymnast can do some wonderful things with her long legs, including cheststand splits ! 1:50

Amazing Flex Girl - part 12 Date: 10/23/2003
She's back, guys ! This lovely young girl is doing backbends, knots, wide spreads, chest stand/splits .. she's incredible ! (all native sound) 2:20 run time.

Sonia - Russian gymnast Date: 09/27/2003
Oversplits and handstands with a split, this lovely Russian girl (formerly from CL Ctudio) is very easy to watch ! 3:30

Jocelyn's Legs - part two Date: 09/27/2003
The final scene in her VHS video .. frontbending on the floor and backbends .. then, Jocelyn says thank you and goodbye. She is sweet ! 2:40

Jocelyn's Legs - part one Date: 09/24/2003
On the floor, ballerina Jocelyn slowly warms up her legs for behind-the-neck frontbends ! (part one)

Katie - front and back ! Date: 09/22/2003
Katie is into Yoga. She has terrific backbends and even better front bends ! In this scene she's on the floor, then on a chair .. working hard to bend so extreme !! 3:45 run time.

Katie - knots and shapes Date: 09/18/2003
Katie loves squeezing tight into her knots .. and her V-shapes are excellent ! This is from her VHS tape in our shop. 4:00 run time.

Katie - Talking about knots Date: 09/14/2003
Warming up her splits, forward bends .. Katie talks about one of her methods for getting into a knot ! 2:20

Amazing FlexGirl - backbends ! Date: 09/12/2003
Extreme backbends .. on her chest, standing, every which way ! This is incredible footage ! 2:10

Flexible Friends - part 3 Date: 09/12/2003
Together they practice sensuous, slow backbends .. choreographed as if by design .. Katie and Jocelyn enjoy showing off their limber bodies, can you tell ? 4:30 run time.

Flexible Friends - part 2 Date: 09/09/2003
Katie & Jocelyn continue .. high leg stretches and backbends ! Very entertaining .. 3:10

Kristina - pedestal backbend ! Date: 08/30/2003
Kristina is exceptional. Watch her place her chest onto a pedestal and throw her legs up and over her head ! Then, a triple fold ! Wow ! 2:30

Flexy Friends (part 1) - Jocelyn & Katie Date: 08/30/2003
Jocelyn is a ballerina. Katie is into Yoga. When they find a book on Yoga positions, they get in the mood for a little creative stretching ! This is an extra long clip, almost 5 minutes !

Amazing Body ! Date: 08/26/2003
Oversplits you can`t imagine .. and she feels no pain ! Then, extreme chest backbends on the floor ! This cute girl can bend any way she pleases !! 3:30 run time.

Kristina - warming up Date: 08/23/2003
Here is a 3:30 clip from her DVD .. floor work, splits with backbends .. Kristina is so easy to watch ! :-)

Kristina Kireeva - now on DVD ! Date: 08/19/2003
We are happy to announce that Kristina Kireeva's video, our best-selling ever at Flexflicks, is now on DVD ! Menu, chapters, superb video and audio quality .. it is excellent ! Here is a 3:30 clip showing some highlights ...

Erin - The Finale Date: 08/17/2003
Here\'s the story of how Erin, our lovely shipping manager at Flexflicks, became Flexgirl #28. During her final photoshoot with Bob Patterson, we reflect back on her progress in 2002. She worked very hard to become so limber. Did it pay off ? You decide ... :-) (5:15 run time)

Katya - in the park, part 4 Date: 08/09/2003
Now she is really getting into it ! Katya is beautiful and loves to entertain you in her bikini ! 5:05 run time.

Nadejda - Extreme Body ! Date: 08/09/2003
from her Flexflicks video #9, here Nadejda bends at the ballet barre and on her special chair. Wow, she is so flexible ! 3:10

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