A tribute to Kiko Wu

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A poem for Kiko

Kiko Wu! Oh, Kiko Wu!
How to justly speak o'you
When words shrivel in the sweating heat
Of my lion-hearted loin lust for you?
Delicious Innocent Slattern-Beauty?
Longed-for Legwrap Venus Mantrap?
Sweet Empress of Raunch...
Whose lesbo-dildo-vibrato-orgasmo-gasp-oh!
I admit I worship,
Outshining cynical porn tarts
who automate bored photo whoreship

Shame overcomes me to reveal
(so I'll whisper in a blush-hush)
my habits may fail your ideal;
I have your free pictures all downloaded
Searching and clicking as my craving exploded
Attempting total Kiko image removal
Never subscribing, thereby avoiding
My girlfriend's further disapproval

But you have won my seduction.
Your pictures: my addiction.
So I surrender, submit and hereby commit
to join you - to pay my subscription

You are the Empress and we your loyal subjects
Beg to become your devoted sex objects
You wonderful temptress you
Wanton woman Empress Wu

Copyright 1598 & 2001 Willy Shakespeare
Distribution by Sonnets-R-Us

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